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Performance metric (PMs) methods for your management strategy evaluation.


P10(MSEobj = NULL, Ref = 0.1, Yrs = NULL)

P50(MSEobj = NULL, Ref = 0.5, Yrs = NULL)

P100(MSEobj = NULL, Ref = 1, Yrs = NULL)

PNOF(MSEobj = NULL, Ref = 1, Yrs = NULL)

LTY(MSEobj = NULL, Ref = 0.5, Yrs = -10)

STY(MSEobj = NULL, Ref = 0.5, Yrs = 10)

Yield(MSEobj = NULL, Ref = 1, Yrs = NULL)

AAVY(MSEobj = NULL, Ref = 0.2, Yrs = NULL)

AAVE(MSEobj = NULL, Ref = 0.2, Yrs = NULL)



An object of class MSE


Reference point for calculating the performance metric. See details.


Numeric vector of length 2 with year indices to summarize performance. If NULL, the performance is summarized over all projection years.


An object of class PMobj


Performance Metric definitions:

P10Probability B > 0.1 BMSY
P50Probability B > 0.5 BMSY
P100Probability B > BMSY
PNOFProbability F < FMSY
LTYProbability Long-Term Yield > 0.5 Relative Yield
STYProbability Short-Term Yield > 0.5 Relative Yield
AAVYProbability AAVY < 0.2 (Average Annual Variability in Yield)
AAVEProbability AAVE < 0.2 (Average Annual Variability in Effort)
YieldAverage Yield (relative to Reference Yield)

Argument Ref provides the ratio relative to the reference point for calculating the performance metric. For biomass-based PMs (P10, P50, P100), this is the fraction of BMSY. For PNOF, the fraction of FMSY. For Yield (and LTY/STY), the fraction of the Reference Yield. For AAVY is it the maximum acceptable variability in yield (i.e, default for AAVY is Ref=0.2)

The Yrs argument defines the number of years to calculate the performance statistic over. A value of NULL, the default for AAVY, AAVE, P10, P50, P100, and PNOF, means that the performance metric is calculated over all projection years. A numeric vector of length two is used to specify the first and last year, e.g, if Yrs=c(1,10) the performance statistic is calculated over the first 10 projection years. A numeric vector of length one with positive or negative value respectively can be used to specify the first x or last x years, e.g, Yrs=10 is first 10 years, and Yrs=-10 is the last 10 years. See ChkYrs for more details.

By default Long-Term Yield (LTY) is the Yield in the last ten years of the projection period in the MSE, and Short-Term Yield (STY) is that in the first 10 years of the projection period.


if (FALSE) {
myMSE <- runMSE()